autumn,  crochet

Vintage Ripple Scarf

The house gets cold at nights. The ambient heat isn’t quite enough for the vaulted ceilings and stone floors. You need to bundle up: socks, a jumper, maybe a throw. The best is a muffler – a scarf. It keeps you quite toasty, and it’s not as cumbersome as a shawl or blanket. (I can cook wearing a scarf.)

So out came the crochet hook and a bundle of beautiful yarn in shades of autumn. And my favorite vintage ripple pattern, by Hands Occupied.

This pattern is one I return to time and again. It’s simple and elegant, and easy to remember. And it looks very wonderfully vintage; Shapes and forms from a bygone era, that are perfectly at home in our mid-mod-eclectic home. (But then, that’s crochet in general, isn’t it? So old-fashioned yet timeless.)

‘Till next time.