These Days

I’ve been reading so much of late, and enjoying it so immensely, it’s hard to pause and find a moment to write out my thoughts. There’s always that take-in part of the cycle, where new worlds are discovered and absorbed with so much enthusiasm and passion, it’s best to just flow with it and take notes later.

Our love of silent film buoys us aloft amidst the weightier parts of the workday. A Buster Keaton 2-reeler can lift our spirits and leave us suspended there, twinkling like stars. There’s nothing silent about silent films, of course. In the case of the great comedians, the laughter accompanying every film echoes off the walls of our house, and, I imagine, can be heard by the neighbors.

Reading about Buster’s life and work has been a great source of pleasure for me. I’ve read biographies since I was a young girl. I discovered back then that the stories of the lives of the people I admired often held the keys to their greatness. And to their humanness. Biographies are not for everyone. They are dense and filled with information – sometimes too much. But if you love the person, you read it. No – you devour it. And they become a part of you.

‘Till next time.