musings,  summer

August Rain

In the midst of all the heat and sun, the summer took a break for the day, and it rained. Clouds passed light and dark across the sky all afternoon, and by evening the air was cool in a way most unusual for mid-August.

I’m accepting the winding-down of summer in my own quiet way. I’m not sure August has ever felt so nice as this.

There’s still a lot of brightness to come. A lot of long languid days of high-heat and sunlight. Lots more ice cream and silent movie nights. Lots more books to finish before the evenings turn to chill. There are still summer crochet projects to complete before the autumn projects begin. And buttered popcorn candles to light. (The ones that make home feel like a theater while we watch The General and City Lights.)

I’m a dozen magazines behind, but enjoying the casual sense of indifference. Reading a June issue in August is just right. I think perhaps I’ll leaf through an old Christmas issue next.

‘Till next time.