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Strange Magic

I can’t remember a time in my life when schoolmates didn’t think I was a little odd. I wore it as a badge of honor, and still do. What an odd word is odd. In a social context, it means ‘not like everything else.’ Well that’s kindof nice, isn’t it?

Who wants to be like everyone else?

It takes courage to cultivate and embrace your inner oddities. Society isn’t always kind to oddballs. But it sure makes for interesting people. (Sweet Lord, spare us yet another dinner party where everyone is tapping on their smartphones and discussing their hours at the gym; Doesn’t anyone have creative hobbies anymore?)

Strange magic comes from embracing your own strangeness. You get to tap into your unique creative drives, and bring them forth. Hobbies are not trivial, and crafts are not trivial. These things matter. Botox doesn’t.

And naturally, when you’re unconcerned with how odd you may appear, you’re free to play, (dance, make music, sing, draw, potter, tinker, etc., etc…) How many wonderful things would be missing from life if we denied our oddness? I shudder to think.

‘Till next time.