miscellany,  summer

Start of Summer

At the end of May it feels a lot like summer. Everything is sun-washed. The landscape of houses, tree-lined streets, and farmland are all bathed in warmth and light.

I’m forever drawn to color, and the colors of summer are especially delightful to me. It’s the color of fairs and picnics, of ice creams and popcorn, the seashore and sailboats, kites and meadows, vegetables and zinnias, and on and on. The colors of summer are imbued with everlasting ease and joy. And a rockin’ good time.

I’m playing with fabric just for fun. Nothing in mind, really. Just seeing what colors and designs sing together. The colors are mostly bold and bright and stand up against the big yellow sun. If anything, I’d love to make a series of placemats and mugrugs – quick and easy quilting projects that we’d use every day.

I can’t make promises, though. Summers here are long, but my list of to-dos is even longer. So for now, play is its own reward.

‘Till next time.