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Pieces of Summer

In one long-awaited moment, the fingernail I crushed between the refrigerator doors is fully healed and no longer black, and I can confirm it’s good to celebrate your victories, however small.

We’re in a quasi-vacation now – restful but working again. Not the frenzied pace of the last year and a half, from which my mind and body are still recovering. We’re also feeling that heady joy of being new book-parents again, with the birth of our second, Cute Kawaii Cross Stitch. (You will find that authors almost always refer to their books as their children; Believe me, there’s a good reason for this.)

And summer stretches on while I play with fabrics for new quilt block patterns, and read for long long stretches on all the wonderful subjects that fascinate me. Mostly I’m letting the charms of summer wash over me like soft cool seawater. There’s always so much to do, and so much to experience, to watch, to read, to observe, to write, to play, to study, to hear, to ponder. Summer is, at its heart, a time of wonder.

‘Till next time.