Halloween,  musings

In Mid-Autumn

As October whirls by, I have whispers of melancholy mixed with brassy band excitement. I love the flow of days moving forward, sometimes slower, sometimes faster. But I always want October to linger. Mid-fall is a wondrous time. The leaves still haven’t turned here – they don’t begin to turn ’till November. So there’s that magic awaiting us. But in October, the days are still warm, the glow of the sunlight still quite bright and tinted with gold. The nights have a gentle bite to them, but nothing too much. Not yet.

It’s a wonderful time.

Being out in the garden these mid-autumn days has been delightful. At sunset we return, wash up, and make dinner. Afterwards there’s reading, crochet, music, or a silent film. Sometimes we fit it all into one night, and that’s a special kind of treat. Re-watching The General, The Cameraman, or Beyond the Rocks – somehow they fit the mood of the season. Or just my own mood.

And lately I’ve been stitching a shop favorite – Halloween Night. Tricks or Treats fills me with warmth and wonder.

‘Till next time.