autumn,  miscellany

Goodbye, September

September is now gone by, and a more beautiful farewell could never have been. The doors and windows were open to the cool breeze, while giant cottonball clouds drifted slowly across the sky. I spent a long time holding my mug of coffee, leaning against the kitchen counter, and peering out the picture-window at the skies. Below, in the back garden, is the small avenue of crape myrtle trees we just planted, stakes firmly in ground, tender branches moving in the breeze.

The colors of autumn are enchanting. I collect vintage linen postcards, and find the shades of blues, reds, and greens mesmerizing. There’s so much to fill the eyes, mind, and heart.

Next comes October, the most wickedly charming month of them all. And who doesn’t love October? My collection of Halloween fabrics cover the work table. I don’t know if I’ll have the time to sew a thing, but just looking at them brings me joy.

‘Till next time.