Evening Observations and Designing A Pinboard

I love color and light, and shapes and forms. I love observing these things. I think I was a designer long before I became one professionally. The relationship between things was always a fascination, and I could observe these relationships for endless hours, whether buildings on a street, plants in a garden, books on a shelf, plates on a table, or fruits in a basket.

A thing alone is fine. A thing in a harmonious context is a miracle.

Harmony of color, shape, and form, blessed by light and shadow, makes for beauty. I think the easiest, and funnest way to create a playground in which to play with these concepts, is a pinboard.

A pinboard lets you do anything you want to please your eye. To move things about, let them stay for a bit, shuffle, unpin, repin, add and subtract. And to leave space between things so they can breathe, so you can see them alone and in context.

Texture, too, is a wonderful thing. Seeing our quilt blocks up on the wall instead of down on the table – this perspective change is tremendous and lovely.

Everything is in a relationship. Even if it’s not obvious. For me, the fun is in caching these, and enjoying them.

I love to watch how the light changes what you see. Daylight and lamplight each have their own beauty and magnitude.

‘Till next time.