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Cute Kawaii Cross Stitch Preview, Part 2

Only four days (four days!) ’till our newest book, Cute Kawaii Cross Stitch, is released! Memories of writing, designing, stitching, and photographing our newest book baby fill me with nostalgia. It feels like a dream, like that strange thing that heat does to a still landscape, or bubbles floating updwards in champagne. Out of that effervescence comes this beautiful form – a big and lovely book you get to hold in your hands. Filled with bright and colorful charts, and big bold photographs, it’s really a treasure.

I think the biggest impression I have as I look at it, is this overwhelming sense of cheerfulness. That’s not an easy feeling to come by in this modern world. But this book is rich with it, and it will charm even the least sanguine of persons. I’ve known stitchers devoted to the old-guard of stitchery, typically turning up noses at modern-day styles like kawaii – they come around. You can’t not smile at a sweet baby; You can’t not smile at this book. It will win you over. (And hopefully win over a good few non-crafters, too. We want to make stitchers of everyone.)

Perhaps in the spirit of summer, you’ll flip right through to the ‘Summer Fun’ chapter. There are motifs for nearly every summery thing you can think of.

‘Fruit and Veggies’ is another favorite chapter of mine, if I can have favorites in a collection of favorites. Well I love gardening, and eating, and these two coming together with stitching (another love,) is basically bliss. (Did you catch that Morel Mushroom? Darlings, all.)

If you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy of Cute Kawaii Cross Stitch, you can do so at all fine booksellers, and get your copy right on release day.

‘Till next time.