Colors of Summer ’23

These colors took me by surprise. That they came together this way, that my arms even reached out for them, is surprising. I was insecure about it it. I went back and forth, asking Why, why these? It just feels right, was my answer. Well I know better than to question that voice, so I collected them and combined them and ended up with a colorstory truly odd for me, but also wonderful. Just wonderful.

I found a lovely pattern by Tied with a Ribbon, called the ‘Kiss Blanket.’ It’s a simple variation on the granny square, with a very clever center that reminds me of the quilters’ infamous sawtooth star. Instead of a blanket, however, I’m making a runner for the dining table.

When it comes to colorwork, I go with a ‘feeling’ or ‘mood,’ and combine the colors based on that. But because I had virtually no relationship to these colors, I combined them in the manner most appealing to my eyes. Very simple. It was quite freeing, actually. The entire process of playing with unfamiliar toys, and making things up as I went – well these go very much against a designer’s tendency to design. But the little girl in me loved it.

‘Till next time.