autumn,  miscellany

Autumn Ramble

September is moving swiftly along. The pace is too quick for me, and I find myself digging heels into hours in an attempt to slow things down. To no avail, naturally. I try to do too much in a single day, and thus the fleeting feeling. To slow down time you have to really, just, slow down. That’s not always easy.

Decorating helps. I love to decorate our home. I’ve loved it since I was a very little girl. Then and now it’s a way of making my world a bit more magical. You need magic in your life, even a little bit. And whimsy. Always whimsy.

Seems everyone in our little hamlet is decorating for October early. We’re busying planting hedges and trees, now that the intense heat of summer is past. I do love a good tall hedge. Our small front garden will have a bit more privacy in the coming years, a thing that’s rare for the American suburban landscape, with its fondness of broad open lawns. As much as I enjoy openness, I also love a good and noble hedge, and the boundaries it creates. We need boundaries. (And magic. And whimsy. As aforementioned.)

‘Till next time.