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Autumn Light

In this part of the country, the trees are only just beginning to turn. Leaves show hints of red, orange, and yellow. Autumn here is as long as summer and winter. The first part is warm and golden, and now we’ve arrived at the cold, brisk, sometimes gray and rainy autumn.

The afternoon sunlight is paler now. It bathes the house in a kind of luminous, translucent wash of gold.

With me it’s always color and light. Color and light. All my work, all my joy – everything involves the play of color and light. In harmony. In dissonance. In tranquility. In bursts of energy.

Autumn is the loveliest time for color and light. There is not too much of light, as in summer, when you squint your eyes to see. Or too little light, as in winter. The light of autumn is a balance of yellow and blue, and this captures color at its vibrant best.

‘Till next time.