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Autumn Leaves Quilt

I gather all the colors of autumn and hold them close, like an armful of fallen leaves. Autumn stirs a deep love and longing within, and it bubbles out in bursts of joy at its own aching beauty. We launched an Autumn Leaves quilt block this year, and I’ve devoted myself to making a quilt – a quilt entirely of fallen leaves.

The leaves will be in varied autumnal hues of orange, yellow, and brown. The background fabric is a charming toss of letters, big and small, in a gentle cream and beige. (The tacit approval of Mr. Valentino is of utmost importance, as we’ll be snuggling under this quilt while watching one of his films.)

I can’t remember when I bought this fabric – wheelbarrows filled with leaves and pumpkins – but it was a long time ago. I bought it and saved it, and remembered it for this quilt. It’s a testament to the existence of angels that I was able to find it amidst the hundreds of fabrics in my collection.

There’s a folksy country charm to this project, and I love it. Folksy is ever in my heart and in our design-work. If I had to name my own personal style it would be modern folksy or folksy eclectic. That’s something, anyway.

‘Till next time.